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without a gigantic and more or less co-ordinated
effort of the saner and abler elements in the
human population. The thing cannot be done
rapidly and melodramatically. That effort must
supply the frame for all sane social and political
activities and a practical critm&njwr all religious and
educational associations. But since our world is
multitudinously varied and confused, it is impos-
sible to narrow down this new revolutionary
movement to any single class, organisation or
Paity. It is too great a thing for that. It will
in its expansion produce and perhaps discard a
number of organisations and Parties, converging
upon its ultimate objective. Consequently, in
order to review the social and political activities
of sane, clear-headed people to-day, we have to
deal with them piecemeal from a number of
points of view. We have to consider an advance
upon a long and various front.
Let us begin then with the problem of sanity
in face of the political methods of our time.
What are we to do as voting citizens ? There I
think the history of the so-called democracies
in the past half-century is fairly conclusive. Our
present electoral methods which give no choice
but a bilateral choice to the citizen and so force
a two-party system upon him, is a mere caricature
of representative government* It has produced